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Strad is a company committed to helping develop North America’s resources responsibly and safely. Every day we work to provide customers with superior products and exceed expectations.

Our EcoPond® line was developed to address our customers growing concern of frac-water management. Instead of digging lined pits or relying on truckloads of countless smaller tanks with huge setup costs, Strad engineered a frac-water containment solution that is designed to work safely, reduce environmental impact and lower completion costs.

Our fully engineered frac-water storage solution is designed to meet the changing dynamics of the oil and gas industry. Strad’s EcoPond® line is a more efficient way to share and handle large fluid requirements, reduce environmental impact and retain fluid heat during use on-site.

Our product line is made up of a patented aluminum and composite panel design that is customizable to fit our customer’s site needs and to hold a range of fluid amounts.


Fast Setup

  • Portable
  • Installation in most cases is one day
  • Minimal Ground Disturbance: Can be installed on rocky or rough terrain

Effective Design

  • No limitation in capacity - a variety of shapes and sizes available
  • Insulated walls for greater heat retention, regulation and energy conservation
  • Optional insulated covers

Cost Effective

  • Lower cost per cubic meter / barrel for storage than upright tanks
  • Up to 98% reduction in transportation costs
  • Labor savings - fast setup / take down (no third party)

Safe & Environmentally Friendly

  • Minimum environmental impact to installation areas
  • Heating efficiency and option of electronic sensor package
  • Reduction in the amount of hoses, couplings and manifolds
  • Less environmental hazard to humans and wildlife than lined pits
  • Work with Strad's Safety First culture

The EcoPond® Composite (EPC) is available in the following sizes

EPC Diameter Capacity
Size (10 ft tall) Feet Meters BBL m3
EPC 1550 83' 25.3m 9600 1550
EPC 3000 116' 35.4m 18800 3000
EPC 4500 116' 35.4m 28125 4500
EPC 7200 180' 54.9m 45000 7200